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Canada work permit
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Canada work permit agent in Toronto

You can apply for a Work Permit in Canada through our agent in Toronto in many ways. To apply for a Work Permit, the worker must have a job offer from an employer in Canada. All work permit applications are processed by our Canadian work permit agent in Toronto. Here are some of the most important work permit programs in Canada:

  • Program for Temporary Foreign Workers
  • International Mobility Program
  • International Experience Canada
  • Post Graduation Work Permit


For young professionals who want to work in Canada, the International Experience Canada program is the best way. Citizens from territories or countries that have an agreement with Canada can apply for an IEC permit. The IEC Program has three types of work permits:
1. Working Holiday
2. Young Professionals
3. International co-op (Internship Program)
There are different requirements for each types depending on the county of origin. Candidates should be admissible to Canada and have enough funds to cover up their expenses. The candidate’s age should be between 18 years to 35 years.


Employers need to obtain government authorization before hiring international workers. This approval can be obtained through an approved LMIA application. LMIAs can be processed by Employment and Social Development Canada, which ensures that there is no negative impact on Canada’s labor market. An LMIA approved by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) allows foreign nationals to apply for a work visa.
Workers can apply for a work permit through the IMP without an LMIA. The exceptions are professionals and business individuals who have been defined as such by international agreements. They do so in Canada’s interest such as significant benefits, reciprocal employment, and public policies.


• You have successfully completed a PGWP-eligible course at one of the Designated Learning Institutions. Any vocational, professional training, or academic programs are eligible if the program is last at least eight months long and it awards a diploma, certificate, or degree at completion.
• You have completed at least 50% of the entire program in Canada. Some exceptions may apply because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
• You must have completed the program in a full-time schedule. The last semester may get the exemption to be complete as part-time. You must have taken at least 3 courses in each semester.
• You have received your transcripts and the letter of completion from the Institution.
• You are maintaining a valid status in Canada.
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