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Visitor Visa

What is a Canadian TRV (Visitor Visa), and what are its benefits?

Canada Visitor Visa is also known as a Temporary Resident Visa or Canada Tourist Visa. It is an official document that is issued by Canada’s visa office. It is attached to your passport to prove that you are a temporary resident. You may have visitor or student status depending on your visa type.

What are the requirements of Canadian Visitor Visa?

There are some basic requirements that you need to meet in order to qualify for a TRV.
• A valid travel document (such as a passport) is required.
• Be in good health.
• Have not been convicted of any criminal or immigration-related offenses.
• You should convince an immigration officer you have connections, such as a job or home, financial assets, family, or other relatives that will allow you to return to your home country.
• You must convince an immigration officer that your visit will end in Canada.
• Have the money to pay for your expenses while staying in Canada.

How long the visit can be on Visitor Visa?

Canadians allow visitors to stay up to six months. At the port of entry, an immigration border services may allow you to stay more than 6 months. After you have been granted a time period, the immigration officer will place the date that you must leave in your passport. You may also receive a visitor record at the port of entry. It will indicate the date you must leave.
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